Condos and Townhouses House Price Index

The House Price Index, or HPI, takes into consideration more than just the sale price, and the data is cleaned up to remove extreme outliers. The final data gives a trend in the market. There is more data below to consider. These graphs will be best viewed on a large computer screen.

Median Sale Price - 5 Years

Median Sale Price - 3 Years

Resale Condos Median Sale Price By Bedrooms

New Condos Median Sale Price By Bedrooms

All Townhouses Median Sale Price By Bedroom

Condos Median Price Per Square Foot

Townhouses Median Price Per Square Foot

Days on Market

or median listing to contract days. The fewer days on market, the hotter the market tends to be. However, the longer it is taking for properties to sell, the more it leans to a buyers' market.

Total Inventory

Sales Volume

Sales To Active Listings Ratio

Sales to active listings ratio is a good indicator of market conditions. Over 0.2 is starting to be a strong market, if the ratio is significantly higher than that, then the market strong and likely favouring sellers.